Monday, 13 March 2017

The Tesla Model 3 is seen spinning around the facilities of SpaceX

The Tesla Model 3 is seen spinning around the facilities of SpaceX

Tesla has taught us that you can create a great sedan that competes head-to-head with the best cars on the market: some will argue with arguments that the Model S still has things to polish, but it is the best example that electric propulsion is here to stay, Despite who gets upset. The next step, much more difficult to achieve, is to create an interesting vehicle for the vast majority of the market.

That is the mission of the Tesla Model 3, to offer the electric technology to people who do not have the pockets so full. Since this is achieved there are several phases of presentation, in fact, there is still one last in which we have to present the final design and the number of options available.

As Elon Musk and his guys like to warm up the atmosphere, and until July is enough, as it has given them to go for a walk with one of the functional prototypes, have done so near the test tracks that has.

We do not see anything from the interior, which is possibly the point where most change is going to be in its actual exit to the market. We expect the giant central screen to remain in the middle of the dashboard.

I remember that everything we have seen of this car are prototypes at fairs and presentations, and every time that appears there are many people examining what is new in the aspect of the Californian car. In this case we find the same design that has the vehicle presented in March 2016, but in motion and good resolution.

These videos make sense, there are undecided people who still think about booking their Tesla Model 3, and is that seeing their real proportions compared to other cars, in addition to seeing it working, encourages to want to invest in one.

In about four months production starts, and more than 400,000 reserves need to be released in the coming months, the waiting will be long.

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