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Switch is Nintendo's best-selling console in the United States, not so much in Japan

Switch is Nintendo's best-selling console in the United States, not so much in Japan

Nintendo should be happy with the early days of Switch , and although we can not provide information on its sales in Europe, it is possible to report on the start in the two major markets in size: the United States and Japan.

Across the pond seems to be complicated to find a console in some establishments, as it is becoming the best-selling model in a breakthrough in the history of Nintendo. Friday's sales to Saturday of the last creature of Nintendo surpassed the interest of previous consoles.

Nick Wingfield tells us of the New York Times, based on an interview with the charismatic Nintendo president in the area, Reggie Fils-Aime . It is a fact to value since the product has not come out on a particularly sweet date, as is the holiday season, but it does count in its favor with the appearance next to a star title as is Zelda.

Speaking of' Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild', I must say that it is also the best game that has worked in sales at the start of a console, also in its market as individual: it has surpassed the records Super Mario 64. It does not take into account titles that come within the packs, such as Wii Sports.

Good start in Japan
If we go to his native country, Nintendo Switch has sold 313,700 consoles in its first weekend, according to we count from Famitsu. This is not a sales record as in the case of the United States, but they are figures that speak of a very solid start.

Switch has sold better in its first two days than any other console in the history of Nintendo in the United States
If we have to make a comparison, it must be said that Switch stayed 60,000 units behind the original Wii - but rather better than Wii U -. If we go to the tabletop competition, it's a bit behind PS4, which managed to claim the attention of 322,100 Japanese in its first weekend.

Very High Expectations
It really is soon to say if Switch is a success, we are only talking about the first two days of commercial life of the product, and obviously there is a lot of Nintendo followers who are waiting for their exit to buy, regardless of the dates in which we find ourselves. The future looks pretty good for Nintendo Switch, since the calendar of powerful games is really coming.

What Nintendo bosses have told their investors is that their 'hybrid' console is going to behave in the market as well as I did the first Wii , that's saying a lot, as they sold more than 100 million units.

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