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Samsung confirms the return of Note 7 to the market, although reaconated and may not globally

`Samsung confirms the return of Note 7 to the market, although reaconated and may not globally

Following the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there were users who were even reluctant to return their terminal despite the warnings given their satisfaction. This audience is the celebration today is, since Samsung has announced that the Note 7 return to the market as reconditioned terminals (refurbished).

A month ago the rumors that the model could be for sale again, although with a new battery since that was what caused the problem. Now the announcement is official and the company has issued a communication in which qualifies that the environment is respected at all times probably after what happened in the MWC, but leaving questions still.

A three-phase process
At the moment what we knew about the status of the Note line was that it had not died with the withdrawal of Note 7. At least that was determined by DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile division, claiming that they would return with a "better, safer And most innovative Note 8.

Of this Note 8 we did not know anything else, except a possibility that it was the terminal of Samsung with double camera for this year. But for the sale of this terminal (in August following the "tradition"?) There are still a few months left, time in which the brand will re-supply Note 7. A process that divides into three phases: saving the components that can be used Semiconductor or camera modules), remove the metal parts and sell the reconditioned terminals.

It is clear that it returns, but not where or how
The question is, in particular, on what prices will these "new" Note 7 have and in which countries will they be distributed. At the time it was rumored that the countries that would receive these Note 7 conditioned would be emerging markets India and Vietnam, but the price has not been commented on anything (should be less than the 859 euros that had the original Note 7 as the starting price).

It is also necessary to know the characteristics of the battery, since the design of these was, together with a hurried manufacture, the culprit that they did not fit well and the combustion began in some cases. As for this also rumors circulated along the possible markets, indicating that the new batteries could be 3,000 or 3,200 mAh ( smaller and not 3,500 mAh) as it was officially.

With this Samsung can try to save two important fronts: on the one hand the investment made with the manufacture of the first and the recall processes, and on the other try to recover the trust of those faithful to the Note that they have lost it after what happened. What they certainly remember is that the manufacturing process and quality control has changed for the better, releasing the video again in the presentation of the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book (and you may remember it in the presentation of the S8 and S8 + next Wednesday).

We will be attentive to the updates on the sale of these units, especially in terms of price and availability.

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