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Poll: your photo / video habits with your smartphone

Poll: your photo / video habits with your smartphone

This will not have escaped you: photography was the star of the last edition of the MWC. Dual modules, periscopic zoom, black and white, slowed down to 1000 frames per second, no doubt, smartphones take more and more seriously the shooting, whether in still image or video. The opportunity for us, now that the madness of the show has passed, to ask you about your photographic habits on the smartphone and what you expect in the future.

Since life is rather well done (sometimes, but not always), what better way as an aperitif than the recent study conducted by DxO among 1003 French people 18 years and over soberly titled " the French and the photo to the" Era of the smartphone "? Photography on the smartphone is so much in the mores that today only 30% of the respondents use only or mainly a camera. The subjects of predilection are, for one person in two, what " inspires them and which they find beautiful " and, for 36%, the close ones (friends and family). This enthusiasm comes mainly from practicality (always on oneself, for 70%), simplicity (44%) and connectivity (41%). In addition, Almost one Frenchman in two shares his shots after the shooting (MMS, emails, social networks, etc.) and 76% store them on their computer! On the other hand, only 26% print them, a fairly low percentage that is explained by the quality of image often insufficient to be totally satisfactory. This quality deficit causes 41% of respondents to return to a real AFN when the conditions become difficult, proof that there is still much work to be done on the side of the manufacturers.

Now, it's your turn to play ! Take a screen and a mouse (or a smartphone, or even a tablet, it works) and sit comfortably. We put together a survey of 21 questions, divided into three parts: your everyday use of the smartphone, The technical points you like (or not) and your expectations for smartphones of the future (at least from the point of view of photography). The votes are open until Sunday 26 March, we will then gradually detail the results together. See you soon !

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