Saturday, 25 March 2017

Poll: How do you use your convertible notebook?

 Poll: How do you use your convertible notebook?

The "convertible" notebook is now a very common format, popularized by products such as HP Specter x360 or Lenovo Yoga . Increasingly, manufacturers are not offering at least one such reference to their catalog. We wanted to know more about your use of these products.
PC Laptops.jpg From top to bottom and from left to right: mode "support, mode" laptop "and mode" tent.

Because yes, if you have made the choice of a "convertible" notebook , it is most certainly that you are attracted by its modularity and its possibilities of use "100% tactile". However, what are your main habits? Is this modularity really an argument for you? Could you do without the touch on a notebook , now that you have tasted it? Through the questions below, we try to see more clearly in order to better understand your uses in the matter, and to adapt our future tests of laptops based on.

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