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Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch fall in price, now you can get the pack for 708 euros

Those responsible for Oculus want to boost sales of their Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses and their Oculus Touch controls, and for this they have taken a step that usually has a good response: they have reduced the price of these products.

In the United States the Oculus Rift cost $ 499 instead of the traditional $ 599, while the Oculus Touch also lower $ 100, from 199 to 99. In Spain the full Rift + Touch pack comes out for a total price of 708 euros, a remarkable reduction since its launch a year ago we will see how HTC fits.

The price is still high
Nate Mitchell, product director at Oculus, acknowledged at Bloomberg that "we know that price is of course one of the concerns" when it comes to bringing virtual reality closer to the general public. The decline in prices, explained this manager, was also offered by the improvement in manufacturing processes and lower prices of components. For now, yes, no Oculus on Mac.

The problem of Oculus Rift is that they still need a powerful PC to enjoy them. It is true that these requirements are now somewhat less demanding, but the total cost of these solutions remains high. Both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive or the PS VR pose an investment difficult to justify without those "killer apps" that really can help make the cost pay for many.

The reduction of the price of Oculus Rift (589 euros individually), Touch (119 euros if purchased separately) and other accessories such as headphones (59 euros) or Oculus Sensor (69 euros) is of course relevant, and Leaves us waiting for HTC to also react to cheapening peripherals that are attractive, but not cheap enough for a good number of users.

A segment that has not been taken off
There is no official sales data for these virtual reality glasses, but according to SuperData Research Oculus sold 243,000 units in 2016 . HTC said in November they had sold 140,000 HTC Live since its release, something that contrasts so much with SuperData's estimate (420,000) with the claim of Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, stating that they were selling two HTC Live for every Oculus Rift.

PS VR has fared better, and is close to surpassing the million units sold since its launch (again the numbers of SuperData are quite different), but it is also a somewhat more affordable solution and that benefits from the base Installed PS4 is huge compared to PCs that meet the requirements of Oculus and HTC.

Virtual reality was one of the great trends of last year, but months later there are no signs that this market has conquered the general public. Measures like these and the growing hardware enhancement of our PCs may facilitate this growth, but what we need, we insist, are games and experiences that really convince us that it is worth spending 700 or 800 euros on these peripherals.

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