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Norway wants to drill a mountain to create world's first boat tunnel

Norway wants to drill a mountain to create world's first boat tunnel

If we already have tunnels for cars, why not have tunnels for boats? This is the ambitious idea that Norway has to make more efficient the way of its boats through the Sea of ​​Stadhavet, an area that is characterized by its strong winds and hurricanes.

Although it might sound like a new and far-fetched idea, Norway first raised it in 1874, but it was not until the 1980s that the government approved start-up with the first feasibility studies. The results of these studies will be announced in May of this year. Meanwhile, we see what the Norwegians want to do.

Stad Ship Tunnel
Norway is aiming to take the prize for the country with the most risky projects, we saw a few months ago with the impressive proposal of an underwater tunnel and floating, and now we get this. It should be noted that Norway has the longest road tunnel in the world, the Lærdal tunnel, which is 24.5 kilometers long.

Now, the country is looking to build the world's first tunnel exclusively for boats. This would be known as Stad Ship Tunnel and with it would look for that daily between 70 and 120 boats make use of it. Its length would be 1.7 kilometers, and its design would allow access to boats with a maximum dimensions of 45 meters high by 36 meters wide, but would be mainly focused on cargo ships.

The ships would have access from the north by the city Selje, ministers that by the south the access would be through the fjord of Molde, where also is planned to construct a new pedestrian bridge. With this they would be eliminating the delays on the ships, which sometimes become several days, since they have to wait for it to be safe to sail.

The project is run by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) and will be funded by the Norwegian Parliament, which has already provided $ 117 million for research. Should plans be approved, construction work could start in 2019, and is estimated to cost approximately $ 267 million.

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