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Meet 'Walter', the disturbing android of 'Alien: Covenant' in a new video

Meet 'Walter', the disturbing android of 'Alien: Covenant' in a new video

Ridley Scott is playing with us in a masterful way. His upcoming and awaited film 'Alien: Covenant' is mounting an impressive marketing campaign prior to its premiere on May 19. A campaign that is starting to get out of the usual, since it is not only the classic trailers, posters, and images of the filming, we are beginning to enter the story without having seen the film.

After meeting the first trailer of the film, this was followed by a strange prologue, which sought the viewer's empathy towards the crew, which will surely end up dead. After that video was released the second trailer and now we have another mysterious video that sells us as an ad to acquire our own synthetic android. Yes, like the one that will be played by Michael Fassbender and who will be known as 'Walter'.

"Created to serve"
Since the first scenes of 'Alien: Covenant' appeared, we all wonder why Michael Fassbender came back. Later we learned that this android was not the David who appeared in Prometheus, but Walter, a new android. Today, 20th Century Fox is publishing an ad, obviously false, where they present us with the details of this type of androids that are designed "to serve us."

Of course the video presents us with many hidden keys to discover, it also leaves us the clearest things regarding the differences between David and Walter, but the most important thing is that it serves to create context before the premiere of the film. What is not known, is whether this video and the prologue to 'The Last Supper' will appear in the final assembly of the film, something that we do not believe will happen.

In addition to this, the producer has set up a website where we can explore some of the characteristics of Walter, who as a curiosity, has product placement from AMD to promote their new products. But here the most interesting are all the doubts that awakens.

According to Fassbender himself, during an interview, "Walter is completely different, David was a work in progress, something like a prototype, I suppose, I think the elements that made him 'human' were a bit disturbing to people. Walter is a more sincere robot, more logical, much more a servant and without ego. "

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