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The smart jacket from Google and Levi's will be ready in autumn and will cost $ 350

It's been a couple of years since we met that Google was interested in putting technology into our clothing, this was called the Jacquard projec.and decided that Levi's would be an ideal partner to put a real garment in the market. Well that honor is going to have a denim jacket that will cost $ 350.

There are teams at Google who think that the true future of wearables is in this type of invisible products, in which the electronic part does not really notice: conductive threads, wireless connectivity or touch surfaces in conventional garment fabrics.

Today Google announces with Levi's that the first jacket - the Commutter - is going to go on sale next fall, something later than expected, since the forecast they had was to have it ready this spring. For those who do not know what we are talking about, there goes their presentation video:

We really knew the look of the garment, what was more curious was the price, and now we know that it will cost considerably more than a jacket of the American house, but not an outrage, so sure there is some Potential buyer.

The fabric " interactive denim " that Google has invented allows us to create surfaces in which to make gestures, which will be interpreted by the mobile device that we carry with us, true brain of the operations. Phone and jacket are communicated wirelessly.

In practice what we can do is pause a song or jump it by touching the sleeve of our jacket. Things we already do with a mobile, but without having to remove it : Levi's says it is something more comfortable, with more style.

Comment that this Project Jacquard is a work of ATAP , Google team that had to cancel Project Ara - modular phones - last September. Right now, as far as we know, they still have another very interesting story called Project Soli : a system that recognizes gestures by means of radars.

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