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Have we been receiving alien signals for ten years? These researchers have a theory about rapid radio bursts

I'm not going to go through the limbs: Rapid radio bursts (FBR) are one of the rarest phenomena in the universe. They have been a huge headache for astrophysicists for a decade. Without too much success.

Now a group of scientists from Harvard University has proposed an idea that could explain the origin of this mystery: a huge alien system of interstellar transport. Yes, sounds crazy, but as the administrators themselves say: "science is not a question of beliefs, but of tests."

The mysterious bursts of radio rapids
It was 2007 when, reviewing old data on pulsars, Duncan Lorimer realized that there was a small burst of very intense radius of 5 milliseconds. Over the course of this decade, 25 similar phenomena have been found and have grown from an astronomical curiosity into a very interesting field of research.

Have we been receiving alien signals for ten years? These researchers have a theory about rapid radio bursts

They are, to put it in technical words, a complete mystery . Only such bursts have been detected in radio waves and are always very brief. In addition, we could not capture them with radio telescopes with much resolution, so we do not know where it comes from.

In January this year it was proposed that this origin could be in a neutron star about 3 billion light-years away. And it may be, but since it's Friday, I wanted to tell you another theory. A much more exotic.

A different origin ...
"FRBs are overly intense given their short duration and their distant origin," said Avi Loeb, a Harvard professor and researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. In addition, "we have not identified a natural source with total confidence. So, an artificial origin is worth watching and checking."

Yes, "artificial origin". The idea of ​​the Loeb team is that the FRB could be the product of immense power plants used to propel ships with solar sails or, in this case, light sails.

Solar sails are a propulsion system that uses photons and solar winds to gain momentum. We use the Sun as a primary source and have only managed to get small ships in operation, but according to researchers it is possible that with more advanced technology, photonic propulsion systems could be created to power much larger ships. We're talking about 20 times bigger pots than the biggest ship we've ever built.

What if we've been receiving alien signals for ten years?
In this way Loeb and Lingam give us a provocative thesis: Is it possible that we have been living for a decade living with signs of extraterrestrial life without our being aware of it? "Science is not a question of belief, but of evidence and it is worth exploring all the possibilities," Loeb explained.

The article ( which you can read in this link ) has been accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal Letters, so we can presume that, although it sounds very strange, the figures fit. That is something : not all theories of extraterrestrial life can say the same thing. It will not be anything, but imagining it is fun.

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