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Artificial islands and 10,000 turbines: this is how to make the most of the wind for energy in northern Europe

Artificial islands and 10,000 turbines: this is how to make the most of the wind for energy in northern Europe

The creation of artificial islands is not very common but is not new, and we have seen different uses as the basis of gigantic bridges. This time the objective is to achieve a site dedicated to renewable energies, with the construction of artificial energy islands in northern Europe.

What is this about energy islands? This is the construction of large-scale wind power stations, so that it is an entire renewable energy system capable of supplying several countries. The island, called Power Link, is a project of (Denmark), TenneT TSO BV (Netherlands) and TenneT TSO GmbH (Germany), although the plan is to benefit other countries.

If there is no base,
Although Energinet communicates now, the project has already been made public by TenneT in June 2016. The idea is to connect Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium with more than 10,000 turbines, and although in principle it is an island Power Link does not rule out that there is more in the future, in fact specifies that the idea is that there are more participants in the project and that extends beyond the North Sea.

Thus, one of the keys to the project is the location , the so-called Dogger Bank, which obviously has not been chosen at random. In addition to being geographically the most favorable point for the countries involved at the moment (and the proximity makes possible the wiring network, etc.), the wind conditions of this place are optimal according to the companies, besides there is not much Depth (greater depth, higher cost of construction).

The Dogger Bank, in the North Sea (which bathes the coasts of United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain).

Taking advantage of the geography and the seasons so that in the end the planet wins
The goal is to reach 70,000-100,000 megawatts and the project will be signed on 23rd June in Brussels by these three companies with a long-term goal (in 2050): to meet the Paris Summit (COP21) requirements in the Which was agreed

  • Keep the average global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels.
  • Limit the increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius (which is expected to greatly reduce the risks and impact of climate change).
  • That the global emissions reach their maximum level as soon as possible.

With this idea, beyond the business objectives, it is tried to take advantage of the wind with a view to that in the future there are more similar projects. Another idea that adds to the objectives of each country is to achieve both wind and solar energy and that we have mentioned for some time, such as the Netherlands and 100% of its trains running on wind energy, Denmark breaking records in this energy.

We have also seen that other countries such as Scotland, China (the world's largest producer of solar energy) and on the other hand some island of the State of Hawaii with Tesla stood out in these achievements. A healthy "competition" which, if all goes well, will benefit the planet (or will be less harmed) in terms of warming and conditions, thus taking advantage of the seasonality of these energies (warm months favor the solar while The cold favors wind).

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