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Why do the Samsung Galaxy S7 bet on MicroUSB and not on USB-C?

Why do the Samsung Galaxy S7 bet on MicroUSB and not on USB-C?

The previous leaks already pointed to it and yesterday we could confirm it in the spectacular launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge: the connector used again is microUSB, not USB-C as many expected.

A priori it might seem strange that a high-end terminal precisely intended to become a reference of the mobility market does not integrate one of the most relevant technologies for the future. Why did not he? We talked to the people in charge of Samsung, and this is what we have been told about it.

Apparent advantages that are not so much
The advantages of the USB-C connector are obvious, and not only focus on the possibility of finally accessing a reversible connector with which we can not fail to connect the cable, but is also intended to take full advantage of the new standards USB (like the 3.1 in its generation 1, of 5 Gbps like in its generation 2, of 10 Gbps) or to be the potential driver of the technology Thunderbolt 3.

In fact many other manufacturers seem to have been clear that their integration was one of the mandatory stops in the new batch of devices. We have seen this connector on newly launched terminals like the LG G5, but also on other mobile devices and desktops that want to be prepared for that future in which the MicroUSB (and USB-A) connectors are in the process of slowing down.

However that transition will be slow, and one of the key factors is the one that affects the version of the interface that is actually used in these devices. Although both the OnePlus 2 and the Nexus 5X or the Nexus 6P take advantage of these USB-C connectors, they do so with a USB 2.0 interface that logically limits the possibilities that the connector could offer.

The reason: compatibility with accessories
Samsung has not lost any benefits here using the MicroUSB connector, but neither has it in the field of fast charging that is also the Galaxy S7 / Edge's hallmark.

Although USB-C connectors may have a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface that also introduces improvements in this area, the microUSB connector and Samsung's fast charging technology again make this aspect not relevant at this time. So if neither the interface - nor the speed - nor the load influence, what does it?

Why do the Samsung Galaxy S7 bet on MicroUSB and not on USB-C?

That's what we were told by two of Samsung's South Korean officials at the company stand this afternoon: this manufacturer believes the USB-C connector is interesting, but it was not yet the time to integrate it because the huge number of accessories Current for the range of Galaxy S takes advantage of the microUSB connector, something that made them prefer not to bet by the new connector.

Samsung seems therefore to have preferred not to give an unpleasant surprise to its most loyal users, that if they go from a Galaxy S5 or S6 terminal to the Galaxy S7 they would find that they could not take advantage of their cables and accessories in that hypothetical new terminal with a USB connector -C. And if there is a star accessory in that transition, that's the Gear VR.

The virtual reality glasses are one of the differential elements of Samsung's proposal - the appearance on the scene of Zuckerberg yesterday in the event and his speech on the matter made it clear - and although Samsung officials did not want to confirm it, it seems clear that doing Natively incompatible the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with virtual reality glasses was not a desirable option. Even if you can use an adapter, it seems that Samsung was clear that it was not the time. When will it be?

As it seems, we can be sure that the future Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will integrate the new connector, something these Samsung officials confirmed when we commented that many people already expected the integration of the USB-C port in their new top of range . They have not done so now because "it was not the time", they commented, but they will do it in the next iteration of this family, something that made clear with a final comment: "Believe us".

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