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WhatsApp Status is falling and we already know in full how it will work

WhatsApp, despite having more than 1.2 billion users, is still one of the simplest messaging applications we can use. Yes it is true that in recent times the app acquired by Facebook has put the batteries, with the arrival of calls or the ability to edit the photos with stickers, although it has always gone behind other alternatives.

And since last November we are receiving news of a new feature, WhatsApp Status. Snapchat already saw how Instagram copied its essence with Stories and now WhatsApp will do the same, allowing its users to share images or videos that will disappear in 24 hours. And after the information in eyedropper of the last weeks, today we know in full how will work WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp Status is already in the last betas of the application but in a hidden way, reason why at any moment could go into operation. The first thing we will see is that the current tabs of calls and chats will be added the Status tab.

New tabs in WhatsApp
From it is from where we can manage everything related to it, from the sending of the Status to the privacy of these. WhatsApp will give us a choice between two options: that all our contacts, except exceptions, can see our Status or that only selected contacts can access them.

Sent Status in WhatsApp
When sending a Status we will face a screen similar to a chat or a broadcast list, where we will send our Status as if it were a message to use. What can we send via Status? In this section we will see a Snapchat or Instagram Stories, since we can send both images and videos, with all the editing options offered by WhatsApp.

In fact, as we see in the header image of this article, when we see the Status of a contact at the top we will see a bar that will indicate how many images or videos have shared our contact and how long they last. The Status, like the Instagram Stories, disappear after 24 hours of sending, although the user will also have the option to delete them in advance. In addition, the creator of the Status will be able to see how many people have seen them and who they are concretely.

A real rival to Snapchat or Instagram?
Seeing that WhatsApp Status is going to be a copy of Snapchat or Instagram Stories, we are left wondering if it can rob both users. We have already seen how S tories is eating the terrain at Snapchat, but the flight to WhatsApp seems more complicated. At the end of the day, WhatsApp is limited (for the time being) to the contacts of one, of which you have the phone number, so that Status will be more intimate than Stories.

Another story will be if WhatsApp opens Status to advertisers companies or allows access to the Status of users that we do not have in the agenda, something that at the moment seems not to be so. In its search for profitability plan could be an idea, but WhatsApp has always rejected the route of advertising, so it seems complicated, despite the existence of verified accounts WhatsApp , which could be more business-oriented As contact for customer service.

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