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Twitch will start selling video games and will also share revenue with its streamers

Twitch will start selling video games and will also share revenue with its streamers

Twitch has become an essential part of the explosion of eSports, where buying by Amazon has been instrumental in its growth and expansion of profits, all with the aim of creating a loyal following of followers. The arrival of Twitch Prime is one of these examples of growth within the platform, and attempts like YouTube Gaming show us that this has a future and is just beginning.

However, Twitch does not expect to settle for being the king of streaming, but have now confirmed that their next step in this important market will be the sale of video games. An important bet that will become a new source of revenue, which by the way will seek to compete against Facebook Gameroom, but especially with Steam.

Being the king of streaming is not enough
With this important move, Twitch seeks to boost transmissions through its platform, as now channels that wish to have a "buy" button, where viewers will be just one step away from acquiring the game they are watching on that moment. With this the streamers will receive 5% of the purchase, while the creators of the game will stay with 70%, and the rest will be for Twitch.

The advantage of this strategy is that these percentages will be the same for all without exceptions , that is, no matter whether it is a large or an independent publisher, or a streamer with millions of subscribers, the revenue distribution will be the same. This could mean the birth of an important sales platform for independent studies.

To boost the sale of games on their platform, Twitch will include something called "Twitch Crate", which is a package of benefits included in every game purchased from Twitch channels. This kit will include emotes, badges, as well as Bits to acquire contended on the platform.

Among the first publishers who have already signed an agreement with Twitch for the sale of their games are: Ubisoft, Telltale Games and Paradox Interactive, as well as Vlambeer, tinyBuild, and others, but it is expected that this year will be added new studies. Similar agreements between publishers and streamers are known today, but with Twitch's entry into the equation this may be bigger than we imagine, since millions of viewers will be just a click away from acquiring the game that Are watching, including some benefits and even play right there on the Twitch launcher, keeping gamers in the same ecosystem.

The entry of Twitch to this market could mean a serious blow to Steam, since although there are several sites for the sale of video games, it is a fact that Twitch is one of the largest and important communities in the sector, so its entry is A very aggressive movement that takes advantage of its wide reach and participation.

The video game sales at Twitch will start next spring on some previously selected channels. In the beginning, the games will be available in English and with prices in dollars, but it is expected that later this year we will have the international versions for all regions of the world.

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