Tuesday, 28 February 2017

This is the first electric and autonomous Roborace car, as spectacular as in the designs of Daniel Simon

La Roborace is a competition with autonomous and electric cars, it sounds so rare and so complicated to be assimilated by lovers of racing with fuels and cylinders, that they have to come to an event like the Mobile World Congress to seek support among lovers of technology.

A few months ago we showed you the functional prototype, and fewer days ago, a couple of cars "competing" in Buenos Aires with a somewhat rough finish. Come on, they're serious, so much so that they can teach us the final look of smart cars.

And yes, they look a lot like designs that Daniel Simon sketched: futuristic and spectacular, what we expected from the type behind' Tron: Legacy' or' Cosmic Motors'. By the way, robotic vehicles can be called Robocars.

A Robocar is four meters and a half in length, two in width, a size that is much larger than a Formula 1. All its pieces weigh 975 kilos, and there we find four 300kW engines, one for each wheel. The battery is 540kW.

The creators say that with these ingredients can take the vehicle up to 320 kilometers per hour, and for this they also need a brain capable of assuming all the necessary calculations of an autonomous car, at a faster rate.

This brain is an Nvidia Drive PX2, and it has to do with data that come from: 5 LIDAR, 2 radars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, 2 optical speed sensors, and 6 cameras.

We're supposed to see them interspersed in tests of their sister competition, the Formula E. The intention is that there are ten teams of engineers competing. There I leave you with a gallery in which we can see that there is no place for pilots, and already they carry much publicity on:

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