Tuesday, 28 February 2017

This is the best picture you will see of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and on its screen a date: March 29

A major headache is the Samsung Galaxy S8 for other competitors in the market: it has not been present at the Mobile World Congress, but its information and leaks have largely eclipsed what should be the real protagonists. Here, another.

Now we have it again in what we consider the best picture of the phone to date, courtesy of Evan Blass. What we see is only the front of the new terminal of Samsung, but it is an image coming from official Samsung material.

The most "professional" of the filterers has been in charge of teaching us how the front of the phone is, and honestly, we believe what it teaches us.

The screen is on and confirms the date that Samsung has placed on the calendar: March 29, one more confirmation. We are supposed to be able to buy it during the month of April.

What we are going to say about what we see, because there is no front button, that the frames are minimal on their four possible side-dual-edge, and that the corners have been rounded. Why four buttons on the sides? It is assumed that in addition to power and volume, one of them is for the Bixby assistant.

In the making it is difficult to know if this really is a Galaxy S8 with its expected 5.8 inches, or are the 6.2 inches of the S8. What does seem clear is that the image corresponds with the model in color' Pearl Black'.

Another thing we can see is the presence of a white area on the screen, located right where the power button is: it is a functionality that allows us to display the 'Edge panels' with a gesture from right to left.

Things that we take for granted in the two possible versions that will be released: the Super AMOLED screen, the 8 and 12 megapixel cameras with Dual Pixel technology, two possible cores: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 9 8895. We also expect the sound and headphones to be the responsibility of AKG.

I leave you with the same image in a larger format, the amount of sensors that are seen in the upper area, on the screen:

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