Saturday, 25 February 2017

The LG G6 loses modularity on the road, but gains water resistance

The LG G6 loses modularity on the road, but gains water resistance

Another spec star that we can point to the LG G6: it will be waterproof, and it is that we can not make it clearer with the latest video that has shared the Korean company. LG is following its own, counting a new little thing every day.

The video is short and does not teach anything special about the appearance of the terminal, but says quite a lot in its content as in its title: "water resistant" and a swimming pool. It is an important step in the LG catalog, since the reference in the Android market - Samsung - takes time offering this ability.

What resistance capacity? Well we do not know anything about that, but we understand that it will be at the level of competitors, at least with the IPx7 certification: as an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy of new batch. As a surprise it would be nice to be a higher grade, but this I think would be too much to ask.

As a final comment on the video, once again we paint a very panoramic silhouette of the phone, they want us to be clear that this new aspect ratio - 18: 9 - is going to be a distinctive aspect in your phone. Its size, 5.7 inches.

The other important part of this phone will be its cameras, yesterday we told you that it is back to betting on the configuration of double camera on the back: 13 megapixels in each sensor, and one of the optics will be wide angle, with 125 degrees.

We finished with the review remembering that this LG G6 will not have the latest hardware Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835 is almost exclusively the Samsung Galaxy S8 . Here we are content with a 821, that seen seen in the last evolutions of Qualcomm, is not something that I take away the dream.

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