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The iPhone 8 would change the 'Home' button to a 'function area' and thus be able to have the entire screen on the front

The iPhone 8 would change the 'Home' button to a 'function area' and thus be able to have the entire screen on the front

We still have several months to go before we know what will be the iPhone of the tenth anniversary, which has so far emerged in a wide range of rumors such as iPhone 8. About this device has been much talked about, with information pointing to three models, return to glass design, wireless charging, OLED display, and the elimination of the characteristic 'Home' button.

Today the well-known Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of KGI, returns to load to give us new details of what we can expect in the next iPhone 8. Kuo assures that we will have three models of iPhone this 2017, where one of them will be the one that Bring most of the novelties for the range.

Front 5.8 inches, with 5.15 "operable"
The analyst explains that Apple has decided to bet everything on the new iPhone 8, as it would be the first smartphone in the company to have a screen edge to edge with minimum frames, which would take more than 90% of the front of the device. This will mean sacrificing the incorporation of the 'Home' button, but this would allow for a large 5.8-inch OLED screen under a size similar to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

However, the 5.8 inches would not be fully available for use, as Apple would opt to implement a new 'function area', which would be at the bottom of the device where we would have several options and operating menus, something very Similar to what we have in the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro. This would leave a useful screen area in a 5.15 inch space.

Of course the attractive part will be having a large screen on a smaller device. The OLED screen would have a total resolution of 2800 x 1242 pixels, while the area of ​​applications and operation would be 2436 x 1125 pixels. Another important fact is that the autonomy of this iPhone 8 would be very similar to what we have with the iPhone 7 Plus.

This iPhone 8 with OLED screen would be accompanied by two other iPhone with LCD screen, one of 4.7 inches and another of 5.5 inches, which would be an update with slight improvements over the current range of iPhone 7.

One point that is not yet defined is that of security, since although many believe that the fingerprint sensor will become part of the screen, the reality is that Apple still does not find a way to implement it, so Are thinking of adding another type of biometric security, such as iris scanner.

All these changes and incorporation of new technology, will make this iPhone 8 is the most expensive of the whole family, even said that it could exceed 1000 dollars. However, the analyst does not believe that the high price could affect its sale, since Apple will know how to sell as an 'exclusive device' and as 'an innovative experience for the user', something that in Cupertino know how to do very well.

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