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Would you pay $ 400 for an electric and foldable bike? Has trick, but Stark Drive wants to break barriers

The growth in sales and brands of electric bikes is exaggerated, normal, it is an easy product to create and very interesting for the type of trips that we make in city. Also from the sporting point of view, since we can reach more distant places, or accompany people who are stronger than us.

The case in question is the first, the bikes created to move around the big city, so the people of Stark Drive has thought that their model should also be collapsible. Not having this feature is small, or face, both situations are being well studied so that few customers will resist their purchase. Another thing is that they get to put the product in the market, since it is now being incubated in IndieGoGo.

For now the thing is going well for this Swedish company, and is that offering so much for 400 dollars makes it a very sweet, but shipping costs are not included.

The main barrier of this type of bikes is clearly in the price, since there are many people interested in making themselves with similar models, but of course, approaching 1,000 euros is something that is not in everyone's intentions.

Why had not he made another mark before? It is rare to understand this, you have to wait for a small company with crowdfunding support to realize a product that would be sold massively: there they are, trying to invent the business from Stockholm.

But they are not the only ones with this premise, we recently introduced you to the Sondors brand, which has a model that costs $ 500 - also without postage. Attractive in its forms and with good technology as they test its aluminum frame or the transmission by belt.

At a higher level of investment we have Ford, with a project that we do not know if they will sell. From the point of view of small and folding bikes we have the ubiquitous Xiaomi, with demolition prices.

The price of Stark is clearly the lowest we've seen on a bike of its size, and remember, it's collapsible. The medium-term idea of ​​the future is to launch more versions and options, so that there is a model for each budget, but I think it is interesting to start with something that really attracts attention and can collect the investment that ignites the spark.

What about your battery / motor specifications? As there is an initial option of 250W that gives us to do 100 km with a load, at 35 kilometers per hour. Then there are a couple of top engines with 350 and 500W.

The trick is shipping costs
For those who had doubts, this product would be created in China, in fact the work more complicated work of its creator - Oscar Stark - was not to shape the model, but to find the ideal factory that gave them the quality and quantity they were going to to sue. The other big problem is also related to the acquisition of components: they are working hard to find the amount of batteries needed, which in the end come from Panasonic.

Would you pay $ 400 for an electric and foldable bike? Has trick, but Stark Drive wants to break barriers

Among the points we have to highlight is the complete suspension, which we understand will not be of a very high level, but there it is. There is also a Shimano 21-speed gearbox, 26-inch wheels, and disc brakes. We want to emphasize the wheel size, as it makes it a fast and comfortable bike.

The picture of the bike is aluminum and makes Stark weigh only 21.4 kilos with the batteries on, I think it is quite good. There are things that are standard on this bike, and necessary in town, like the lights, the whistle and a USB port to load things.

Where is the trick? Well in the sale from China, since we have to pay shipping to our homes , and the $ 200 is not going to be taken away by anyone. With discounts for initial buyers and shipping, the bike will not cost more than $ 600. It will be interesting to know how many euros are that for Stark Drive, should not be more than 550 euros.

We will have to follow the future of this company and its bikes, to see if they really become an important element in the market change, or they are diluted like many others. For now they are having a very good welcome in IndieGogo .

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