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The autonomous trucks are here, but ensure that it does not seek to replace the driver

The autonomous trucks are here, but ensure that it does not seek to replace the driver

It is said that the next major technological revolution will be when autonomous driving vehicles are among us, a step that some estimate will significantly reduce accidents. Autonomous driving systems will eventually reach a wide range of vehicles, where delivery trucks and heavy machinery have been the most critical, since their implementation would represent a source of less work for humans.

However, it seems not all companies are looking to replace humans. Embark is a new American startup that seeks to join the segment in the development of autonomous delivery trucks , segment so far is dominated by Otto, owned by Uber, which already made its first delivery of 51,744 cans of beer along 160 kilometers without a driver.

"Stand-alone trucks that will support humans"
Embark was a completely unknown startup, until today that they are presenting their commitment to the market of the autonomous trucks, which is attractive because, according to them, do not seek to replace the work of a driver , but to support him in his work. And they are also announcing that they have obtained permits to start tests on the wagons in Nevada, United States.

Embark has money from Maven Ventures and an investor team made up of executives who have worked for Audi, SpaceX, and other companies. This has enabled the new startup to have created the first prototype of their standalone truck, with which they plan to start the tests in the coming weeks.

The system created by Embark is considered a kind of "autopista autopista", which is the part of the route that tends to be more predictable and without so much difficulty, since here there are no pedestrians, cyclists or traffic lights, besides the speed Is usually constant. This is intended to allow the driver to rest on these long journeys, which is where they are most vulnerable to distractions and drowsiness.

Embark says that in the future there will still be work for drivers, as they are, so far, the only ones able to drive a truck of this size within urban areas, where systems can get confused thanks to the thousands of variables Gifts. In addition to that the human is still still responsible for delivering the cargo.

The Embark truck has all the equipment we have already seen in other systems such as radars, cameras, depth sensors and LIDAR, which makes it capable of moving at a constant speed regardless of weather conditions day or night, Even able to change lanes. Embark is not clear yet the price that this truck will have, besides they are contemplating the idea of ​​selling the pure system, which could be installed to any truck as if it were a kind of autonomous driving kit, but we will know this later When the first test results arrive.

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