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Sorry, this Poe Dameron helmet is not your size, it's a 'Star Wars' toy for kids

Sorry, this Poe Dameron helmet is not your size, it's a 'Star Wars' toy for kids

The thing goes of toys, Hasbro is very animated taking evolutions of a classic like Simon , also taking advantage of all that can the license of Star Wars , as it is the case that occupies to us: we mainly have a helmet, but also there are some arms Of the series, such as laser spades.

All this has been announced by the annual NYC Toy Fair, and yes, the best toys are the smallest. We especially emphasize the helmet of Poe Dameron 'Black Series', that will delight the followers of the galactic saga: it is recommended for children over 8 years, but it is not an adult size helmet, you are warned.

For those who can put their head in there and fantasize about being a new rebel pilot, we must comment that not only is a replica very well made, also incorporates some things that help us get into action: there are speakers where they reproduce sounds Of ships like X-Wing and Tie-Fighters.

The other eye-catching is that it can communicate with the robot BB-8, in its version of Hasbro, since there is another one developed by Sphero that we had the opportunity to prove to you last year. They do not tell us what the relationship between the robot and the helmet may be, but we will tell you when we have it clearer.

The saber responds to the bombastic name of " Bladebuilders Path of The Force Lightsaber ", comes with pieces to modify its appearance and color, whether we want to be on the dark side, or good. The other is a " Nerf Glowstrike Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster " with soundtracks taken from the film and 12 darts that light up in the dark.

The helmet goes on sale at the end of the year at a price of 80 dollars . The same time that the blaster ($ 80, too) and the laser saber ($ 50) will complete the show of galactic toys.

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