Saturday, 25 February 2017

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: 499 euros and available next week

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: 499 euros and available next week

The expected Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung's continued bid to differentiate a purely photographic phone from the high end, is already priced and available in Spain.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom with its 10x zoom is ready to hit stores from next week and its official price has been set at 499 euros, a step below the noblest high end.

The terminal will tell how not with selfie mode and as we have been able to check firsthand in its presentation in Spain, Samsung has managed to significantly reduce the thickness and that this Galaxy K Zoom does not look like a camera with smartphone functions but the opposite: a Smartphone very photographic.

We are looking forward to putting your hands on it intensely to see what it is capable of photographically speaking and if it can be a competition for a high range when we use it as a smartphone. The concept that wants to introduce Samsung we understand but with the previous generation had not achieved a clear position in the market. We'll see if they get it with this one.

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