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OP1, the first SoC designed by Google?

OP1, the first SoC designed by Google?

With the release of the Samsung Chromebook Plus in January 2017, Google has made Chrome OS compatible with Android apps. During its test of the machine, the American magazine  The Verge  was surprised by a surprisingly swift OS, able among others to run a dozen tabs of the navigator without blinking. The Verge has investigated this fluidity, remarkable for an ARM-based laptop - a smartphone-friendly architecture - not Intel x86. Result: Google put its paw in the design of SoC (" System on a chip", which contains a processor with one or more cores, graphic components and sometimes the memory) of the device, called OP1.

OP1, a designation that suggests a line of SoC OP Google, from an ARM database. Like Apple for its iPhone, the firm of Mountain View would invest in the design of SoC ... until developing its own brand: anonymously filed, OP actually belongs to Google, as discovered The Verge. If Google has been working with processor manufacturers for some time to optimize the operation of Chrome OS, going so far as to involve itself in the design of cores, this is the first time that the SoC has its seal. 

And on the Samsung Chromebook Plus, OP1 under ARM gives a power comparable to the Chromebook with Intel input and midrange. Although the ARM architecture is particularly suited to smartphones and tablets, it shows once again that it can compete with Intel's on power and energy management, as demonstrated by the performance of 'A10 merge into the iPhone 7 compared to some MacBook Air. The decision of Google to start a line of SoC under ARM and not Intel is perhaps the sign of his desire to do without the manufacturer of Santa Clara for his next laptops.

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