Sunday, 12 February 2017

Nostalgia works for Nintendo: 1.5 million NES Classic Mini sold

Nostalgia works for Nintendo: 1.5 million NES Classic Mini sold

The launch of the NES Classic Mini has been a great success for Nintendo, which is demonstrated by the sales figures of this small retro console. According to the company, 1.5 million units have already been sold, but in fact many more could have been sold ... if Nintendo had been able to manufacture them.

That's right: the Christmas campaign turned this console into a complete sales success, and demand far outstripped supply . Getting it became an odyssey for many users, who came to have to get it on resale. Nintendo has promised to increase the pace of production, and everything indicates that the good pace of sales will remain for a season.

The NES Classic Mini has 30 pre-installed games, although many more can be installed thanks to a method that appeared recently and that" challenged" the initial orientation of the console. As it was discovered very soon, the console was not an exact version of the original, but actually contained inside with a small miniPC in which runs an emulator for these games.

The inclusion of the controls and all that retro design has only strengthened the impact of a device that had a very competitive price (60 dollars) and that surely has given Nintendo benefits. We do not know how it will go to the Nintendo Switch, but what is clear is that the NES Classic Mini has been one of the surprises of recent months in the video game segment.

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