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Nintendo Wii U is officially dead, all efforts are for Switch

Nintendo Wii U is officially dead, all efforts are for Switch

There are cool Nintendo accounts, with the Pokémon effect and rugged 3DS laptops pulling the car. Of Wii U we did not expect too much, nor of its future, and is that the console of table of the house has the hours counted, when really dies a console ?

For the user will die when he wants, for the market, because the same could choose the date in which important titles cease, and Wii U still has a Zelda to appear . If we see it from the industrial point of view, we almost considered it dead, but the Nintendo console slows production in Japan, so it is a kind of official signal that Wii U ends its career.

A few hours after this Japanese information was known, the people of Nintendo of America issued a statement announcing that the production of Wii U ceases worldwide, so little evidence remains.

Nintendo Wii U is officially dead, all efforts are for Switch

What Nintendo is going to do has all the logic of the world, its president Tatsumi Kimishima wants all production possible to be used in Switch, and is that the reservations seem to be better than expected, so we will have to create consoles.

We remind you that the console is coming to market next March, without considering as direct competition of Xbox Scorpio that will come later, nor the current PS4 Pro, so let's say that opens a window of interest for Nintendo to the Christmas dates.

In fact, the most important titles will be arriving as the end of the year approaches. The president has recently commented that they want to sell two million units on launch day.

NES Classic is a success
Nintendo wants to take advantage of the pull of something that interests, not like NES Classic, who were overwhelmed by the demand: they have sold a million and a half of consolitas worldwide, little joke.

They are going to make more and nobody escapes that this of miniaturizing consoles is going to be a business with future, many we look forward to a Super Nintendo with its star games.

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