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MWC 2017 - Alcatel A5 LED: a smartphone nightclub to 199 €

MWC 2017 - Alcatel A5 LED: a smartphone nightclub to 199 €

TCL has not taken over BlackBerry (with a first appointment on the KEYONE presented at the MWC) , but also now manages the Alcatel brand in order to make it prosper in the market of less than 200 €. The A5 LED follows this path, with a visual variant that Alcatel imagines as a changing concept, in the right direction: a shell provided and having many LEDs to display colors and notifications. 

The smartphone market under 200 € is so rude that to stand out, manufacturers are trying today to add here and there a differentiating feature or function in order to break the rank and attract the barge. Last year, it was for some the challenge of integrating a fingerprint reader. This year, for Alcatel, it goes through a panel of LEDs at the back of a smartphone quite rightly named A5 LED.

It has a 5.2-inch LCD screen with an IPS LCD panel (1280 x 720 pixels on a diagonal of 13.2 cm), a MediaTek MT6753 mobile chip with eight cores running at 1.5 GHz, one 2GB RAM, 16GB expandable storage via microSD, or a camera with 8Mpx sensor on the back and another 5Mpx on the front panel. Port micro USB, battery of 2800 mAh Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and 4G LTE integrating even the 700 MHz band complete the list. So basic, but for Alcatel, the interest is elsewhere ...

Luminous hull: dedicated processor and 35 leds
In the box of the A5 LED, there will be a hull with an intelligent connector and a panel of 35 LEDs. The latter is designed to react to user notifications and thus prevent it. " Everyone returns their smartphone by posing it on a table, among friends, with the A5 LED the user will be able to keep an eye on his notifications without showing his screen, " explains a representative of Alcatel. Not sure that the primary goal of the turnaround of a smartphone is to compensate by a panel inspired by nightclub Ibiza unrolling a blue capital F flying during a Facebook notice, but either ...

However, this panel has pre-programmed animations (F or G drop-downs for Facebook and Gmail, blinking for the call, etc.), but it is also possible to design and assign different color compositions in Function of the notifications and that a mini processor only deals with the communication between the shell and the OS, here Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Still to see the impact that this type of accessory can have on the battery of the mobile. We still find it very difficult to estimate the real interest of the thing among the public, especially as Alcatel is primarily targeting "young people", with an idea probably a bit outdated mobility "too cool". 

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