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Miele CM 7500: a monstrous automatic machine

Miele CM 7500: a monstrous automatic machine

From its rather substantial dimensions, this automatic machine with grinder hardly find a place in the cramped kitchen. With this model CM 7500 Miele does not skimp on features designations sometimes a bit pompous. Thus we find the "OneTouch" and "OneTouch for Two" function - which is simply a supplement to the programming functions to ensure the programming of one or two cappuccinos or latte macchiato  - but also "C-Touch", that is to say an LCD promising a simple navigation, intuitive and comfortable. To this, add Miele technology "CupSensor" that " detects the height of the cup and places the distribution center to the right position between 8 and 16 cm in height." CupSensor thus intended to prevent the drops of projections while ensuring a perfect coffee drinking temperature. Finally, the part of the interview also has a feature to the promising name: "AutoDescale". This is an invention patented by Miele which provides automatic scaling and in complete autonomy, freeing the user of a somewhat restrictive maintenance - but it will have to replace the filter cartridge once a year.

After this display of functions, the rest of the specs are pretty basic watch for a camera in this range: a water tank with a capacity of 2.2 l, a bean container with a capacity of 500 g, an adjustment for milling grain prefer thicker or thinner, ground coffee slot, an automatic shutdown of mixing drinks and finally a timer function to start a coffee at the desired time. The machine is marketed with the "Cappuccinatore" which is responsible for ensuring the infant formula. In addition to heating the milk if necessary, it may also be used for preparing a milk froth. 

Since refueling options, there was a safe bet that the price of the CM 7500 being affected. In fact, it will cost € 2,399 to acquire this high-end machine. A test in all likelihood we will evaluate the characteristics of this monster of technology.

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