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Microsoft will let us run games designed as 'universal applications' on Xbox One

Microsoft will let us run games designed as 'universal applications' on Xbox One

First of all we need to know what are the universal applications of Windows 10, and is that Microsoft wants to unify the most of all your devices, offering applications that can run regardless of size or screen we have. That is born the concept of 'universal application', something that benefits the user, but also the developer, who would not have to create a version of its application for every gadget possible. Or at least you could distribute it more easily to a larger number of windows.

Once known concept and we can go to the event Windows Developer Day of Microsoft, there has been telling some of the innovations that have to come up with next major updates Windows 10. The most striking thing that has struck here is that the beautiful Xbox One will be one of the beneficiaries of this platform called UWP (Universal Windows platform).

If a developer creates a game or application for Windows 10 under the guidelines of UWP, you can carry a computer, mobile, or Xbox easily. The idea is that the user can go to the store of universal applications from any of those devices, and in the case of the console of the house, run them without major problem.

Since the UWP were announced in the Built 2016, we knew the entertainment platform Xbox would be involved in the matter, through its Xbox Store, but were not given more details, and much less had discussed games. From now on developers will have to think that their games may be a possibility to include on the platform.

As we have since OneWindows , there are already waiting for the possibility applications, such as the Universal emulator Emulator - NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Game Boy-. This development was presented as UWP, but retired shortly after the store because it is a title related to games.

Warming engines for Build 2017
When will this really be possible? It seems that will not be ready for the Creators of Windows 10 Update, must wait for Redstone 3. For more specific details of these new possibilities we have next one Build 2017 (10 to 12 May).

Taking advantage of talking about future developments, we must know that Windows 10 will have significant interface changes in Redstone 3. It takes time talking Project Neon, which is something like the new design language system Microsoft. What was a leak, now Microsoft gives it as an official, but again we will have to wait to Build 2017 to know more.

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