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Magic Leap must present a functional prototype, investors (and we) have gotten tired of so much smoke

New details of the mysterious PEQ device

Up to this point I have lost count of the times we've written about Magic Leap, one of the projects aimed to become a true revolution, showing a complex mixture of virtual reality augmented, known as mixed reality. The mysterious startup came to light in October 2014 and appeared in the headlines because he had managed to get $ 542 million investment by Google, Qualcomm, and other companies where the strangeness of all this is that there was a product, just promises and demos.

With the passage of time Magic Leap continued to get investors and today is valued at 4.5 billion dollars. Again, all without a device, come on, not even a prototype. This has given rise to all sorts of doubts, since Magic Leap has only limited itself to showing videos of supposedly the possibilities of its device, many of them cataloged as montages, but the company has always said that it is its technology without any Type of effects or editing.

Now after several years of waiting, demos, and rumors, it has been reported that investors are demanding Magic Leap a functional prototype to show that it is not pure smoke, which next week will occur at the latest when you Place the board meeting.

Smoke or revolution?
When Magic Leap showed their first demos, all were blown away as we were facing something never seen before and that made us imagine a virtual world before our eyes, which also could interact in real time. The bad news for Magic Leap is that Microsoft had the same idea and if they had a device, HoloLens, complete with platform, applications, games, several examples of their applications, and even launched the developer version a year ago.

This began to cause problems in Magic Leap so they decided to go for the face, which showed for the first time part of its technology, as well as an explanation of how it worked part of his mixed reality. But new account was all words and no devices, dates of availability or price. Yes, the videos of the alleged demos kept appearing in Internet delighting everyone to Lucasfilm made an alliance with the company to bring Star Wars content to augmented reality.

New details of the mysterious PEQ device
According to information to which he had access Business Insider, next week will board meeting Magic Leap, where the company will demonstrate a prototype to continue receiving money. The group engineering company is working hard to create glasses all-in-one, a prototype which is known internally as 'PEQ System' (Product Equivalent).

From the above there are two versions, one that comes from the commercial area and another area of development. This last one says that the demo is in "decent" form to be presented the following week, something that will be a milestone in the development of the product. But the commercial area does not agree, as sources say that the prototype PEQ glasses they tested in January, does not work and is far from ready for a presentation.

New details of the mysterious PEQ device

According to reports, last December the first prototypes were presented PEQ, but who had the opportunity to use the glasses they realized that they were hollow and everything was connected to a computer. That's how new questions emerged about whether the company would be able to keep its promises and put all of its technology into a pair of portable eyewear.

"Our first system will be the first step towards a truly incredible dream: from flying squirrels and sea monkeys to unicorns with rainbows, where almost everything we can imagine will be possible."

Former employees of Magic Leap mentioned that connected to the computer demos are extremely convincing, and therefore believe that have attracted both employees and partners. However, the promise to launch a developer kit has remained in "this year", something that is remote to 2014.

The prototype they are currently testing on Magic Leap is quite bulky, according to sources who have been able to test it. It is a glasses connected via cable to two devices each attached by a belt, one device contains the battery and the other CPU. The decision to have two separate devices arises due to thermal problems, which so far have not been able to solve.

Each device is heavy and the size of a can of soda, being much larger than the company showed in the sketches of the patents and the drawings that they used for their presentations.

It is estimated that the commercial device could go on sale one year after the release of the developer kit, the problem here is that there is still no date for such a launch. In addition, that Magic Leap has considered the possibility of selling the commercial product at a price between 1,000 and $ 2,000.

Doubts attack the company
As if that were not enough, many of these former employees of Magic Leap declared "strange handling" in the company, since often private demonstrations were made to VIP people like Beyonce or Steven Spielberg. In addition, patents continue to be applied not only related to a device, but also to software and applications for various uses, such as health care and medical care, despite the fact that there is still no product that can exploit all this.

New details of the mysterious PEQ device

To this we can add that at the moment Magic Leap counts on about 800 workers distributed in offices located in the south of Florida and Silicon Valley, as well as small laboratories in Seattle, Boulder, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, Austin, and even in Israel.

No doubt the following week will be decisive for the future of Magic Leap, which can be given credit for having convinced major companies to invest in it. It has been more than two years and we are still awaiting the revolution we were promised, where unfortunately all still unclear. Now we only have to wait for the possible reactions that will arise the following week after this important presentation.

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