Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Let's forget the selfie stick, the drone has arrived for selfies

Let's forget the selfie stick, the drone has arrived for selfies

The world can be divided into two types of people, who use and love the sticks for selfies, and those who hate them to death, but today is not the time to enter into this debate, because it is a reality that the selfies have become a trend where manufacturers want to be present, hence there even smartphones offered as "mobile for selfies".

And today, as part of this fashion, a company has had the great idea of ​​joining this trend with another that is also present today: the drones. So they have created the drone will be the feeling of those who love self - portraits, meet ROAM-e, the selfie-drone.

ROAM-e, the selfie-drone
Under a creation of the company IoT Group, the ROAM-e is presented as the first drone who wants to replace the use of the famous selfie sticks, so it is only focused on making selfies, nothing else, that is their job, and So it has been equipped with features that will lead you to perform this task correctly and smoothly.
Let's forget the selfie stick, the drone has arrived for selfies

It is a small drone of just 8.5 centimeters equipped with double rotor system with folding blades, which makes it can be transported easily, inside we find a camera with 5 - megapixel CMOS sensor, and one ARM Quad-Core Cortex A7 processor dedicated exclusively to flight control.

With a quick charge system that can charge the battery in only two hours, its autonomy is only 20 minutes, but the battery is interchangeable, so we can carry a pair for emergency situations. This drone has facial recognition software, which enables you to follow the user 's face at a distance of up to 25 meters, plus you can take pictures at 360 degrees and transmit live video to our smartphone.

Although it is offered as an interesting option, the manufacturer has not disclosed details of the type of connection used or if the storage is expandable or has internal memory, we also do not know if we will require an app for its control and configuration.

With all this, its creators have already put on sale for a price of $ 349 with delivery in 12 weeks from the purchase, certainly a high price that seems complicated that a person who is used to load a stick to Selfies of just a few dollars, think to change it and invest in this drone, but hey, there is market for everything.

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