Thursday, 9 February 2017

Kodi could be the next big target of the audiovisual industry

Kodi could be the next big target of the audiovisual industry

Yesterday we learned of the closure of all websites RojaDirecta injunctive, news that comes after several years of legal struggle and which is revealed as the sentence decreed that this website has been "a necessary cooperator for the violation of Intellectual Property Rights".

This closure makes many users migrate to other ways of accessing those content, but those alternatives could also end up being the same. It has happened in the UK, where they have just arrested five people accused of selling streaming devices based on Kodi in which preloaded plugins were already coming to access copyrighted content.

Kodi is not to blame
In the BBC they reveal how these "complete Kodi boxes" have long been pursued by the so-called Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), an agency that tries to protect the rights of content producers. According to the agency, the suspects managed to enter about 250,000 pounds thanks to the online sale of these devices.

Kodi could be the next big target of the audiovisual industry

These solutions are increasingly widespread in all types of online stores: these are small miniPCs that once connected to the TV through an HDMI port and the network (wireless or wired) can stream content with conventional services such as YouTube, for example.

Many of them are preinstalled Kodi, a popular software to manage and play multimedia content both local and internet. The problem is that Kodi is modular and allows the installation of external plugins, some of which give access to content protected by copyright.

The people arrested in the UK precisely took advantage of that ability to sell devices already prepared to access those contents directly, something that British justice has been pursuing for some time. The FACT director noted how "set-top-boxes loaded with applications and add-ins that allow access to copyrighted materials are illegal and all those involved in selling these devices should not be surprised if they receive a visit."

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