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In the 'small' Tesla Model 3 there is no room for the 'superbateria' of 100kWh

In the 'small' Tesla Model 3 there is no room for the 'superbateria' of 100kWh

Initially not fit the structure they have created for the Tesla Model 3, so it is an option that we have to go removing the head, and that it was a dream for many potential buyers. It is true that it is a monstrous battery for a smaller car, with fewer aspirations than Model S and Model X, but we wanted to know if it was possible.

Recently we told you about the larger battery with Tesla , this unit 100kWh who share the sedan and SUV of the house, and it really has the same size as the larger units previously produced. But despite the best cell density, does not fit the battle of a Model 3:

There is one thing we must be clear with Tesla - Tesla Motors before - is that the cars are going to be "old" in two days , without remedy or solution. Its aggressive policy of improvement will make us see things unthinkable in a short time, so think of bigger batteries for less space, is not a crazy idea.

Talking about autonomy, it must be said that the Tesla Model with the highest capacity battery is able to make a stroke of about 540 kilometers, a figure that drops to 475 kilometers in the Model X - by weight and aerodynamics. What had promised Elon Musk is the little one of the house - Model 3 - would reach 346 kilometers, a figure that is fine and is achieved with considerably smaller batteries.

In the 'small' Tesla Model 3 there is no room for the 'superbateria' of 100kWh

For those who do not know the arrangement of a Tesla battery, there you have an image. They occupy the entire lower part of the vehicle, between the two axles of wheels
If we look at the competition, or to smaller electric cars, we hardly see batteries larger than 30kWh. The highlight we have with the Chevy Bolt and 60 kWh, also his cousin Opel Ampera-e. In a somewhat smaller level, but real, we have the new Zoe with 41kWh.

Batteries do not stop evolving
Before closing the battery issue of 100kWh we would like to remember that it is composed of 16 modules which in turn contain 516 cells each, to make a total of 8,256 cells.

We talked about an approximate increase of 16% of cells if we look at how many batteries per unit in 85 and 90kWh. That increase is also achieved by placing a couple of more rows of cells in the battery.

What will be a reality is that the batteries of the Model 3 will use a new generation of batteries and management. In the next picture you can see the' 2170', which is the cell to be used to form the packages: it is named for its size, 21x70 mm, and is somewhat thicker and higher than the previous - '18650' - developed Along with Panasonic.

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