Saturday, 25 February 2017

Huawei presents a 360 ° camera and the world wonders if fashion has not passed

Huawei presents a 360 ° camera and the world wonders if fashion has not passed

A year ago it seemed that 360 ° video production and consumption was going to be one of the trends to follow: several manufacturers offered promising products to take advantage of this type of content, and YouTube support was also driving the segment.

Months later it is not clear that this type of videos have conquered users, but it is now when Huawei has decided to launch its Honor VR Camera, a smartphone accessory that allows you to easily capture these clips. The question, of course, is whether they have arrived too late.

Is Huawei too late?
The Honor VR Camera has been developed in collaboration with the company Insta 360 , and in addition to capturing videos in 360 ° can also take pictures with 3K resolution and broadcast the video in livestreaming if we have a sufficiently good data connection.

There are many devices that attack precisely this type of problem, and we have manufacturers like GoPro, Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, LG, Samsung or Nokia trying to compete for a market that gained special meaning thanks to the virtual reality glasses in their different Ranges.

Amie Cranswick, a producer of this type of content already revealed her fears about it months ago:" for every good experience of 360 ° there are 10 other versions very poorly executed ... My fear as a director of 360 ° videos is that Audiences are stuck with poor videos that resign them to not liking them before they have a chance to really experience what makes 360 ° videos so great."

It will be interesting to see if this commitment to content of this type is confirmed in this upcoming Mobile World Congress, because the truth is that a priori does not seem clear that the interest of companies to take advantage of this type of content has had a response between the Rest of the industry and, of course, among users.

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