Thursday, 2 February 2017

How ISIS is using drones and GoPros to bomb enemy positions

How ISIS is using drones and GoPros to bomb enemy positions

About two years ago that the Islamic State began using surveillance drones, but in recent months ISIS troops have begun to take advantage of drones to attack Iraqi and American positions with bombs and explosives. A series of documents uncovered in January have revealed how drone operations have become increasingly ambitious among ISIS armed militias.

In these documents they have found four pages with checklists that evaluated the different missions performed by these drones. They have also appeared data showing how those responsible for these operations have been getting additional elements as GoPros and GPS receivers to reinforce this type of operation, something that the US Army is long trying to control.

Use of drones for bombing intensifies in conflict

As The New York Times reveals, the Islamic State" has used more than 80 remotely piloted drones against Iraqi forces and their allies". These drones were used both to drop bombs to act as aerial bombs directed by remote control against those forces. In those attacks they have killed" a dozen government soldiers", which has caused more than 50 wounded.

That reveals Colonel John L. Dorrian," poses a threat to ground troops and has value as a propaganda technique. However it does not change the game rules as regards the outcome of the battle to liberate Mosul." Several experts have verified the authenticity of 30 pages, which were subsequently published in the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

How ISIS is using drones and GoPros to bomb enemy positions

In the pages that were used in 2015, when these programs began to run, it was found how the operators of these missions fill the type of attack ( "Bombing", "explosive Plane") or provide notes on each operation to refine these Missions a posteriori.

These lists joined them orders that made clear how these forces tried to improve the functioning of these drones with accessories like GoPro cameras, memory cards, GPS receivers, recording devices video and shovels spare to replace the drones in necessary case. " It is likely that the use of this tactic by the Islamic State is not only more frequent every time," said the Pentagon report that studied the impact of the discovery," but also more lethal."

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