Friday, 17 February 2017

Facebook Stories is here, ephemeral stories to make life impossible to Snapchat

Facebook Stories is here, ephemeral stories to make life impossible to Snapchat

The world has changed, and after many years in which we wanted to show the world our photographs in an imperishable way, the fashion now is to share ephemeral publications. The less important content, our day to day, has more and more ballots to end in some social network that has a system of self-destruction of them. Facebook already has its own system.

First was Snapchat, then began to clone and when Mark Zuckerberg began to put pieces on the board everything was in favor. Instagram Stories was the first movement of the King of mobile phones, WhatsApp Status is about to put into circulation and now comes Facebook Stories. A system that has nothing revolutionary but you will not need to succeed.

Facebook Stories joins the ephemeris team
Facebook has already begun to enable its own Stories, inside the apps for iOS and Android that should already be updated in half the world. In order to have this Facebook Stories we will not have to do anything more than update our application, and soon we will be able to start publishing fast content, with all the filters and stickers that we want, and that will disappear in 24 hours.

The operation of Stories can not be simpler, because the first steps that is giving the new service of Facebook are quite basic. In the app for iOS and Android will have available a camera with which to capture what we want to publish . Then we will just have to apply filters, put masks wherever we want to do it and publish. A system that differs very little from what we already have in Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

Of course, we will also have the option of sharing video, not just static photos. To publish, there will be a camera icon in the upper left of the application, and pressing it will access the interface that Facebook has dedicated to their new Stories, the next great headache of a Snapchat who is still trying to present battle to Instagram.

The publication of these new Facebook Stories has been simplified to such an extent that when we share a photo with the Facebook app, it offers us to publish it on our wall or make it into an ephemeral story. By the way, Facebook Stories incorporates a curious option to share the stories with those contacts that we want, and not with all that we have added as friends. Facebook Stories also has its own Direct, so the images and videos will be available to whoever we are. Simple and direct.

Facebook Direct is already active in countries such as Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Malaysia . The rest of the planet will gradually join this list as the weeks go by. Surely the almost 1.8 billion Facebook users will appreciate not having to leave the application to go to other services that, now, do not add anything too distinctive. Checkmate?

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