Saturday, 25 February 2017

Facebook: the ads arrive in the middle of the videos

Facebook: the ads arrive in the middle of the videos

Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg's troops intend to squeeze the lemon video. While they have just activated the default sound for all content of this type, some users now have the pleasure of discovering advertising clippings scattered here and there. In practice, you only have to watch 20 seconds of video to fall on a first page of advertising, itself 20 seconds long. Thereafter, a spot can be made every 2 minutes of viewing. Note that officially, it is still only a test, conducted on a" small group" of pages. However, Facebook has already opened this possibility for the lives of all American pages with at least 2,000 subscribers and able to gather 300 people during a live. Suffice to say that the trial gallop has a deploying aftertaste. 

On the financial level, the conditions of the social network are quite simple. According to Recode, the firm keeps 45% of revenues, while the remaining 55% goes to the author of the video that has been sprinkled with advertising cuts. It must be said that for Facebook, it is important that creators bite to the hook. For many months, it is indeed a handful of paid partners that ensures the animation and de facto the promotion of Facebook Live. Now, the idea is not to pay to go hunting on the lands of Periscope and others. On the contrary, the titan of social networks would like the service to contribute quickly to its profits ...

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