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Dubai announces the arrival of the drones-taxi in July, but we have not yet seen them fly with people

Dubai announces the arrival of the drones-taxi in July, but we have not yet seen them fly with people

Dubai seems to be the destination of futuristic transports par excellence. In addition to being the first destination chosen by the Hyperloop One, now the city also expects an autonomous passenger dron to begin operating there.

This is EHang 184, a dron of eight propellers designed for individual transport that would work in the style of a taxi, coming to the call of the customer who would request via the app. All looks quite ideal, imagining even a small fleet of these drones that would pick us up and take us up to 50 kilometers, but we miss something: a demonstration that they do.

A place, Dubai, and a month, July
The announcement of the agreement and plans to see this transport run was issued by Mattar al-Tayer, head of the Dubai Transport Agency, taking advantage of the World Government Summit to ensure that there will be regular flights and that it is not just a model, But have already experimented with it in Dubai. It also gave the approximate date to see it: next July.

What we know at the moment is that fly, fly. The EHang 184 made its debut flight already in the skies of the city and we see it in videos of presentation in which they show some tests and what would be an example of transport in which the dron goes to the request of the user (via mobile).

It is an individual transport that allows to carry a small piece of luggage and supports up to 100 kilograms of weight, whose battery has an approximate duration of 30 minutes and able to realize flights of up to 50 kilometers of distance and 160 kilometers per hour, according to the specifications. Of course, in the flights that we have seen in the video there is no passenger inside, both in the promotion of before and in the one that appears in this newsletter.

Fair information
According to the official said, since the Dubai Transport Agency reports that the dron has been examined by the aviation authorities of the city, but has not responded to further questions on this matter. Since EHang have not expressed themselves either, and Al-Tayer has not given more details beyond this date and to comment that the dron would not surpass the 100 km / h although it can, without knowing if the idea is that there is only one or That there are several.

The objective they have in Dubai specifically is that 25% of the trips that are made in the city are carried out by autonomous vehicles by 2030 . In that period what we should see are these drones according to the agreement, in the absence of knowing dates for the one of Hyperloop One, so in a few months we will see if EHang is indeed a mature and realistic project beyond the statements of the interested parties.

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