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Clock radio and digital terrestrial radio, a winning duo?

Clock radio and digital terrestrial radio, a winning duo?

According to the RFI (Radio France Internationale) website , 75% of French people are unaware of its existence; Yet digital terrestrial radio wins to be known. As alarm clock testers for the house section, one of its features is particularly noteworthy because it greatly simplifies the programming and use of these devices. The RNT is able to carry more information than the conventional FM radio: in addition to the audio streams, it conveys the name of the radio stations and the exact time. 

It does not sound like anything, but the manual setting of the time on an alarm clock is not necessarily a part of fun. In the worst case, using the manual is sometimes necessary to achieve its ends - it is even relatively common, as we can see in our tests. We must therefore undertake this operation at each change of half-yearly hour, this very Franco-French habit. In addition, all radio alarm clocks on the market do not carry a backup battery. It is therefore necessary to remake all the settings at the slightest power failure. Your radio alarm clock that prides you by proudly displaying a flashing 02:36 then the sun is high in the sky, it reminds you of a lived situation? 

Thanks to the RNT, as soon as the clock radio picks up a station, the exact time is set automatically. This does not yet solve the problem of zeroing alarms after a power failure, but it still removes a thorn from the foot. 

Similarly, the search for radio stations is highly simplified. Today, a number of clock radios with a conventional FM tuner offer an automatic tuning of the stations, but it is necessary to go through the entire spectrum of the FM band to find the preferred station (s) ( S). The RNT sweeps the entire FM band in one go and can be switched from one station to another, as you zap from one channel to another on your TV without latency. All you have to do is save your favorite radio station, which is further simplified by the name of the radio, which is clearly displayed on the screen of the receiver. This is far clearer than the simple frequency. On certain compatible stations, the search can be carried out by simply indicating the name of the station, without having to know the frequency. 

The cherry on the cake, the crackling disappear and the quality of listening is much better. Nevertheless, digital technology forces, when a station is not perfectly captured, the diffusion stops purely and simply. 

Qualities ... but few compatible devices
Despite these advantages and many others, the RNT struggles to convince in France. Therefore, the alarm radios capable of capturing it are still not widely used. For now, even if there are others on the market, the only model of our comparative capable of operating digital terrestrial radio is the Pure Siesta Rise S240 . Clock radios embedding this feature cost a little more than those that pick up the simple FM radio.

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