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ASUS and MSI command in the booming market for laptops 'gaming'

ASUS and MSI command in the booming market for laptops 'gaming'

It is a fact that computers to play are gaining interest as the months pass, this year 2017 will be more important in sales of components , peripherals and laptops. If we look at 2016, analysts like Digitimes tell us that they sold 4.5 million laptops designed to play.

Which manufacturers are the ones that send here? As it is well confront these data as we can know that Asustek Computer is the company that sells laptops, with 1.2 million units placed on the market during the last year. We know the Taiwanese company better than ASUS.

The second is Micro-Star International , best known for MSI is the second most sold in this burgeoning market of gaming notebooks: 850,000 units in the year. Both brands have a much broader line of laptops, but it is striking to see that their gaming equipment has so much acceptance.

Most Affordable Laptops to Play

ASUS and MSI command in the booming market for laptops 'gaming'ASUS and MSI expect sales of their gaming laptops to have a growth that will move between 10% and 15% during 2017. This is what they want to achieve by proposing teams that have a better balance between power and price: it is a fact that an entry-level segment is being created in markets such as China and other Southeast Asian countries.

Manufacturers like MSI, ASUS, Lenovo or HP are asking for about 800 dollars for a laptop that can already be played in conditions. Following prices, the average of a powerful laptop to play, is at 1,800 dollars. The step we could call 'mid-range' would be between $ 1,000 and $ 1,400.

In the last fairs and events in which we have presented novelties we have recognized that interest in offering lower prices. Nvidia is largely to blame for offering a graphics like GTX 1050 , and we've already seen a couple of good examples of what can be achieved with the new Dell XPS 15 or the Acer Aspire VX15.

Creating specialized brands
MSI does not seem to make a major difference in its range, while ASUS does, with teams known as ROG or 'Republic of Gamers'. There are also brands that are only dedicated to this type of computers, such as Razer or Alienware, the latter belonging to Dell.

ASUS and MSI command in the booming market for laptops 'gaming'

Does it make sense to give a lot of color to the thing and create new brands? It seems that, in the last weeks we have known that Samsung jumped to this market with the new brand Odyssey , and the giant Lenovo to the same with Legion. Curiously, none of them bet on exorbitant prices, for what is cooked in the world.

The demand for computers to play, whether portable or not, will grow this year 2017, especially in markets where PC gaming is very popular: we can look at North America, China, northern Europe, Japan, and South Korea, True paradise of this discipline.

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