Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Apple: iPod prototype is on sale at Ebay

Apple: iPod prototype is on sale at Ebay

IPod Classic with interesting inner life
Important notes are the pictures of the seller: Inside the device is a red motherboard from the year 2002, on the back of the outer cover is the Apple internal model designation P95 DVT. These indications indicate that this iPod is a prototype. But even if the iPod for sale is bearing the model name of the first generation, a red motherboard was only used in the second genration.

IPod Classic is not a bargain
In addition, is on the back of an unknown serial number - about the official serial number search at Apple one searches the vain. For this reason, it is not unlikely that Apple has used this iPod for test purposes between the first and second generation. But what does the rarity cost? If you have the necessary small money, you can buy the iPod of the first generation directly with red PCB for a proud 99,995 US Dollar (circa 94,678 Euro).

Unknown seller
Already in the past offered the seller some Apple prototypes on Ebay for sale. In addition to the iPod, there is currently also a prototype of the original EarPods and an iPad prototype of the first generation in the assortment of the seller.

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