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You can decide who uses your Tesla in your future car sharing program

You can decide who uses your Tesla in your future car sharing program

Last week Elon Musk unveiled a new master plan with which to set goals Tesla for the next ten years . Through this plan, Musk intends Tesla to position itself as an integral energy company, to manufacture other types of vehicles such as freight and public transport trucks, to widely develop autonomous driving and to create a fleet of autonomous shared cars.

Of the four proposals, the one of the fleet of shared cars is perhaps one of the most interesting, since it will allow us to obtain benefits with which to amortize the costs of buying us one. This morning, as counted in Venture Beat , Musk has offered new details about the service, telling for example that owners can choose who you share your car .

Share your car when you do not use it
On paper the plan is as follows. In a future in which Tesla will be completely autonomous and regulations do not hinder, when not in use can share it and make a profit on this loan. With these benefits you can go depreciating your new Tesla, you will only have to register it in the program that plans to launch the company.

This way, when you need it, your car will pick you up wherever you are, but when you do not need it, instead of standing in your garage, it may be being used by other users. But relax, because that does not seem to mean you're going to lose control over who uses it and who is not, or at least that is what Elon Musk said last night during a convention.

"As long as you do not use your car, you can simply use the Tesla app on your phone to add or remove it from the shared fleet," Musk said. " Can you define who uses, such as family only, only five - star drivers or anyone. And when you want it back you can apply through the application".

There are still some years for this plan to become reality, so they are not yet fully defined the limits we put in delivering our car. Before that, they will first have to continue perfecting their "Autopilot" function until they get the desired fully autonomous cars.

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