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Tesla prepares key improvements on autopilot: radar becomes key

Tesla prepares key improvements on autopilot: radar becomes keyTesla prepares key improvements on autopilot: radar becomes key

The autopilot is integrated into cars Tesla has been one of the most amazing technological elements of these cars, but also have serious events when using it. [The accident a few months ago] (The deadly accident Tesla Autopilot reminds us that the boundaries of the autonomous driving are human) put in check to the company, who explained his limitations - this is not an autonomous car, clarified forever and Promised future improvements.

These improvements could come soon: Tesla responsible yesterday announced the imminent appearance of a software update that will offer major changes in the autopilot mode. In this new mode radar, which so far stood as a secondary sensor for these tasks, it passes to become the principal responsible for this (automatic driving not autonomous ).

The radar will not be alone
The call Tesla Software Update 8.0 will arrive in the coming weeks and also to place the radar as the key to the whole system will continue to make extensive use of the camera and other sensors, but there will be another interesting element.

This is the " geocoded white list ", which Tesla will include for example road signs and bridges for the car to avoid false positives in detecting all kinds of elements along the way. This will allow the car not to not brake when it does not, and will also allow the system to be alert to potential crashes like the one that happened last year when the car ignored a truck that was turning left in front of the Tesla Model S that was running With the autopilot.

Using the radar as main sensor according Musk has been one of the most complex technical challenges in this new implementation. To avoid major evils in case of an accident the Tesla will now be able to make small turns on autopilot if the system detects that the impact force can be reduced in an imminent crash.

This new autopilot mode will now have more warnings for drivers to be more cautious about using it and are ready to regain control if necessary. This will implement a new system of alerts both visual and auditory, something in Tesla want to reduce that intensive use of autopilot that some drivers take advantage.

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