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Sales of tablets fall again, but Amazon and low-cost are doing better

Sales of tablets fall again, but Amazon and low-cost are doing better

Keeps getting more interesting to see how sales are going tablets and computers with that sort of convergence that occurs in convertible or touch devices like the Surface Studio, and seeing that computers no longer essential especially in the creative sector and gamer. This time we have data on the sale of the first by IDC, and what we see is that the low cost tablets are becoming increasingly hollow even if the market falls.

The report is specifically the third quarter of 2016, reflecting a decrease of 14.7% over the same period in the previous year. A trend that is drawn for months and we saw last February by the same firm, at which time the decline over the previous year was somewhat lower, about 10%.

Make way for Amazon
The figure reflects fewer sales from year to year, but still according to IDC distributions were 9.8% above the second quarter of 2016, at which time the descent over half of 2015 was Of 10%. But what stands out on this occasion rather than the negative figures is the change that has been on the podium of the biggest sellers.

Sales of tablets fall again, but Amazon and low-cost are doing better

Apple continues to lead, with 9.3 million tablets sold that represent 21.5% of the market share of this third quarter, although compared to the same quarter last year were sold 6.2% less. But those who have grown this top 5 are Amazon, who have placed third ahead of Huawei and Lenovo after selling about twice as many units as the previous quarter, while the figure for the increase over the previous year is not reliable ( 319.9%) since IDC did not include 6-inch tablets in that figure.
To this, according to the firm, may have helped the Amazon Prime Day, the day on which the company offers discounts on a wide range of products being pushed for Fire tablets. Thus, the strategy low-cost seems to do well, to be seen in the following balance if the release of the latest Fire HD 8 shows.

We buy something more than tablets for a slightly lower price

At first we referred to the convergence of some product lines and others, as in the case of convertibles. And they refer to IDC to discuss increased demand for low - cost tablets citing the manufacturer RCA. They point out that a maximum has been reached for this sector, pointing out that this format may be replacing computers when it comes to renewing these. In fact we also saw that computer sales were down a few months ago.

So, as for the other manufacturers, Samsung holds the silver medal without apparently bad press because of what happened to the Note 7 will be affected brand level. In his case it has the latest release convertible TabPro Galaxy S earlier this year, and has sold 20% less than the third quarter of 2015, but 0.5% higher than the previous quarter.

Sales of tablets fall again, but Amazon and low-cost are doing better

Lenovo and Huawei remain among the manufacturers that sell even more down positions, as we said when talking about improving Amazon. In the first case one of the products you highlight of the year was the Yoga Book, but IDC does not include it as a tablet, but as PC, so you can not see the reflection of their sales. According to the firm, despite being behind pro Apple, Samsung and Amazon both brands have a strong presence in the market of tablets in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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