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In Germany it is considered that the 'black box' in autonomous cars is an obligation by law

In Germany it is considered that the 'black box' in autonomous cars is an obligation by law
In recent weeks we have seen the issue of autonomous systems in cars and accidents have been all sides, everything is because Tesla and its autopilot, which has been said hundreds of times that is not autonomous, has been the protagonist of two accidents, where one of them resulted in the death of a person.

In the case of the second accident, Elon Musk came to clarify that according to their records, the Model X had not activated the autopilot when it overturned on a highway in Pennsylvania, which opened a new debate aimed at Who should have access To those records? Since in the Tesla case they are the only ones, but what about the other manufacturers? This is where Germany, who comes wants to regulate this and force all cars with some kind of autonomous system have a 'black box' as on airplanes.

Preparing the ground before the imminent arrival of autonomous cars
The Ministry of Transport of Germany is starting with the planning of new laws regulating autonomous vehicles, of which highlights one that requires manufacturers to install a recorder trip, which maintain a record of all times systems vehicle.

The main idea is that this recorder knows when an autonomous system is activated, when the driver is in charge of the car, as well as when the system is deactivated. This recorder is very similar to what you have on airplanes today with calls 'black boxes', where the intention is to analyze each of the details in case of an accident, where the most important is that any government agency authorized you could access the content and not only the manufacturer.

Within this package of new laws also mentioned that the driver of an autonomous car must at all times be aware of the road, something that has already been implemented in the United States even though many do not respect it, because today the Autonomous systems have not yet been perfected and access to 'logs' is key to improving systems.

But here it is noteworthy that many manufacturers are not in accordance with this regulation possible, as this would mean collecting personal data from vehicle drivers, as daily driving habits, places you visit, time spent on each , In short, having this black box the driver would have to accept that a record of their daily activity, something that many are not willing to give up.

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