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Where are the Raspberry Pi Zero?

Where are the Raspberry Pi Zero?

It seemed impossible to go beyond that achieved by the Pi Raspberry, but its creators a new ace sleeve last November 26 were taken when we were handed a surprise to the Raspberry Pi Zero, new models of miniPC that amazed us by its price and performance.

These small devices were proving to be the next step in the evolution of a platform that could reach more and more people especially thanks to the ridiculous price of $ 5. However, two and a half months after that announcement these miniPCs still not available. Where are the Raspberry Pi Zero?

Few units at launch
It is precisely what a programmer is asked recently after trying to access the purchase of a Rasberry Pi Zero. Today there is no way to buy it on the official store The Raspberry Pi Foundation nor any of its traditional partners, something that has made gradually begin to emerge questions about the availability of such attractive as this product.

The funny thing is that as stated in the original article was hoped that this miniPC had a resounding success in its launch. Current models of the Pi Raspberry already sold about 200,000 units per month a year ago, something we confirmed Eben Upton in the interview he gave us the creator of these devices, so it would be expected that the company would have prepared a good batch of RPI Zero for launch.

Well, it seems that the initial batch was limited to 20,000 units , 10,000 of which were dedicated to be the gift included in the magazine MAGPI for launch, while the remaining 10,000 were sold out in minutes on the news. Today it is almost impossible to get one of them, and in fact appear available even when you can buy only one at a time .

Have to wait
Liz Upton, communications director Raspberry Pi, explained a few days ago on the official forums how the situation was difficult because of the huge demand. It also explained that there are only four stores that sold the Pi Zero (two in UK -Pimoroni and Pi Hut- and two in the US (Adafruit and Micro Center), and it was not advisable to buy from other resellers who do not could ensure stock of such devices.

Where are the Raspberry Pi Zero?

So if you are interested in these devices you have to be patient because demand is clearly outstripping supply and Liz Upton also confirmed that the limit of a RPI Zero per order be maintained for an indefinite period. You have no choice, of course: you can create something as flashy as the cluster of which I spoke a few days ago that his responsible hasdone has received a surprise package with 15 RPI Zero to complete the project.

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