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This spectacular bike with futuristic design is the closest thing we'll motorbike Tron

This spectacular bike with futuristic design is the closest thing we'll motorbike Tron

It 's amazing what he has accomplished Tron more than thirty years after its premiere, its futuristic aesthetic mixed with technology has served as an inspiration for a lot of devices, which have even seen projects that seek to realize the famous Light Cycle, but today we know a more grounded and directed to all of us as mortals, because a company has developed a bike that not only has this aesthetic, but is also an amazing piece of engineering and technology project.

His name is Cyclotron, and since the name refers to the famous film, the most remarkable part appearance, where we find wheels without radios and LED lights, which serve to give that futuristic look and also work for we are visible in low light situations.

Cyclotron, Tron Bike
This project began in 2012 and last July was released as part of a campaign financing in Kickstarter, where the goal of 50,000 euros was exceeded within a few days, so getting money to start with large - scale production in next days.

This bike besides having an amazing look with its two lighted wheels, also features a laser that projects lines in red on the floor, this in order to indicate the bike path and have an additional safety factor. It has a gearbox 12 speed input in its version as the top version integrates the box in electronic form, so forget to apply the marches.

According to its creators, the framework of the Cyclotron has been made of carbon fiber military grade , which allows weighing just 11.6 kilograms, plus all components such as gear, gearbox, battery which energizes LEDs and lasers wheels, brakes and all wiring are inside the frame, with what they have achieved a significant improvement in the aerodynamic line.

As we have seen, the wheels do not integrate radios, and this is because we are made of solid polymer that requires no air, where it is estimated to have a lifespan of almost 10,000 kilometers, which can even be used to carry objects through a cage which is installed inside the wheel.

On the other hand, we must remember that this is a technological device, so you could not miss the opportunity to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, where thanks to its sensors we can be aware of our tour, with details such as speed average distance, and the path traced by GPS. The GPS also serves to enable theft deterrence and accident alerts, features work by a monthly service 79 euros per year, which will also give us access to training routines subscription.

It is estimated that the Cyclotron may be for sale in August 2017 at an entry price of EUR 1100, at which time we can see that fulfills all its promises.

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