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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic medals will be made with electronic waste

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic medals will be made with electronic waste

Japan is not a country rich in natural resources , have had to buy many materials to mount your electronic empire, and now the years pass as much waste can have a second youth. The Olympic and Paralympic medals of Tokyo 2020 will take advantage of it.

Its mine gold, silver, and bronze will be in small appliances who lose their life and become electronic waste. There is much more usable material in there it seems, a few percent worldwide that could compete with the best reserves, as told in Nikkei .

Nor do you need a lot of precious material medals are anything but pure, have a very high percentage of copper, as Blaise Robinson tells us: a bronze medal in Rio has a cost of $ 2.70:

Since June meeting leading seeking an optimal way to collect until the arrival of the next summer Olympics. The organizers are getting in touch with companies and municipalities to be aware of this type of recycling, taking into account that we are facing a market that generates 650,000 tons of electronic waste per year - only treated 100,000 - sure is reached the goal without major problems.

For London Olympics 9.6 kilos of gold, silver 1.210 kilos and 700 kilos of copper, the main component for bronze were used. In a quick comparison have the amount of precious metals recovered in Japan in 2014 from electronics, it is 143 kilos of gold, silver and 1566 kilos 1,112 tons of copper.

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