Sunday, 4 December 2016

¿Spacewalks action cameras? NASA astronauts take hold of GoPro

¿Spacewalks action cameras? NASA astronauts take hold of GoPro

The guys at the NASA have had a great idea with that of giving action cameras to its astronauts, to see what their occupations and experiences are without having to be too concerned about the film, thanks to its small size and recording quality.

The models chosen are cameras GoPro, no version is specified, but considering the budget that manages the space agency, and the desire of the signing of action cameras to win impact, sure that this is a Hero 4 Black.

The truth is that the detail of the camera happens to be secondary when we discovered that we have access to some videos. The result is fantastic, fascinating for who likes spacewalks, especially knowing that they are real, not a scene out of Gravity (here is not so much action).

Have shared two videos, one of them can be placed on our website - then - the other, have to go visit his web . In them we see the astronaut Terry Virts uses the camera to capture the earth action while working as a mechanic on the outside of the ship. In total, two hours of recording time in space:

The relationship between the cameras and NASA is long, almost from the first day they started their space activity. They are known large photos collected with Nikon cameras , the time-lapses from space stations, or high - definition images with which its astronauts delight us, we remember the recent work of Chris Hadfield .

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