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¿Olympic Games in 8K? In Rio we have a foretaste

 ¿Olympic Games in 8K?  In Rio we have a foretaste

We have not talked too much about the 8K, and that although it sounds complicated, it 's there just around the corner, at least in some markets. Japan is the place where more efforts being made by turning this soon into something feasible, the Olympics are close.

We have seen that Canon has professional cameras to record in that capacity without too much trouble, we also have other brands like Panasonic working on sensors that work the 8K. Well, from the point of view of the teles their Korean neighbors have already put them to panels.

The organizers and the Japanese want to start playing with the 8K from now, and take there the technology to create content in that format. Then you have a quick comparison, the size differences are important.

130 hours 8K
They want to start field testing in some of the tests of the Brazilian event, with the intention of debugging for the 2020 Olympics . In Tokyo the relay itself will be complete in 8K, each of the ceremonies and testing.

 ¿Olympic Games in 8K?  In Rio we have a foretaste

The Olympic Committee established an agency for these purposes, they are called Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). They will be there to record 130 hours of content in 8K format, intended for Japanese television. They seem many hours, but the total that you plan to record a resolution "normal" amounts to 7,000 hours. They are especially stop at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Of those contents you may get another 8K 4K, also used as a source for virtual reality . You will experience with more than just resolution, as higher levels of dynamic range and color gamut, or multichannel 3D sound systems (22.2).

 ¿Olympic Games in 8K?  In Rio we have a foretaste

8K full live broadcast will take place in Tokyo. Which have above it is the winning design for the Olympic Games Stadium 2020.

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