Monday, 12 December 2016

Official: Samsung stops sales and replacements Galaxy Note 7 worldwide [updated]

Official: Samsung stops sales and replacements Galaxy Note 7 worldwide [updated]

We have reached the most difficult point of the crisis of Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7, where this morning everything pointed to that the company had stopped production, at least in South Korea, as a preliminary step to stop sales of your device due to problems of explosions, fire and smoke, derived from a battery failure.

Now it's official, Samsung has just issued a statement which urges all its partners around the world to stop selling Galaxy Note 7, this also applies to the replacement program, in addition to all current users of a Note 7 is requested to turn off immediately and do not use it until the end of the investigation.

The Galaxy Note 7 should be turned off and stop using immediately
Samsung says that after new reports of fire and smoke in replacement units of the Galaxy Note 7 , have launched an investigation into the hand of regulatory bodies, which have taken the decision to remove market its device in pro security of its users.

Samsung does not mention that production Note 7 has stopped, just focus on devices that are currently in stores and users, so we have to be aware of the information arising about the results of research, so that this is not over yet.

It must be emphasized in the words of Samsung, who ask users of a Galaxy Note 7 original or replacement, to stop immediately usuarlo turning off the computer and waiting for future directions. This confirms that replacement units most likely keep the bug that causes the device to overheat, which means that the problem could not be solely on the battery.

Of course we are aware of any new or updated.

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